Anuncio en revista para target turístico francés. Dirección artística y copywriting de OmbraEstudi y Vesping.



Beer Labels

Empiezo a interesarme a la cerveza artesanal hecha en casa.
Y como diseñador gráfico y copywriter, no puedo evitar de darles nombres y cara a mis cervezas!




Logo refreshment from the 80’s to the XXI century for Versat, design furniture distributor in Sant Cugat del Vallés.








La Cigale

La Cigale Restaurant in Gracia. Launch poster for internal use. Introducing hamburgers in the menu.

Copywriting + Design.




With one year of life only, Rasoterra is already one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. Stars a variety of cuisine styles from all over the world, but with a rigorous local and organic policy. Excellent wine, craft beers, fine cocktails and free micro-filtered water add an extra value. They like a modern, ironic, warm and informal – but also elegant – style in their communication elements.

Here’s the website built in WordPress together with Gabriele Merolli, who also took the wonderful pictures.







Rasoterra Carta Cocktail



Slow Food Barcelona

A Menu designed for Slow Food  Catalunya 2014 KM0 badge awarding for some Barcelona restaurants. In the picture, (right one from the left) Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food Movement, together with Michelin star chefs Quim Casellas, Victor Quintillà and Artur Martinez. Very proud! I pleased the Slow Food Catalunya staff with a punk style  (but wrapped in a clean-cut cover) menu for a very formal lunch ceremony.





La Finestra

La Finestra is a cultural association in Barcelona. They asked me to make an album cover for a limited edition CD compilation of all the artists that played there during 2013. One of the distinguished feature of the venue is a big china Dalmatian that stares out from the street windows, (pictured in the CD) so I decided it must be the dog itself to be the protagonist. Simple as that.



So  Delices Logo Wood Background

So Délices

French pastry chef Sophia Zidi moved to Norway with her husband and set up a catering business of delicious buns, cakes, and other French bakery delicatessen. She wanted a modern, hip logo, but still with a simple and familiar feeling. A graphic identity designed in Barcelona, a website developed in Denmark for a Norwegian family business.



Captura de pantalla 2014-04-18 a la(s) 12.47.41







Web design and developement:



e-bike Rent

Some contributions to a bike rental business marketing elements. A teasing flyer to promote the company’s 24/7 bike parking service and a new street sign that remarkably improves the visibility from the two main spots at the edges of the shop’s street. Design + Copywriting.







Muévete Viajes

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t end as expected. Redesigning an amateur logo, having or not to respect the original idea, is always an exciting adventure!





Alone Hairstylist

alone perruqueria

Alone is a small hairstylist shop in Barcelona for which I processed the logo starting from a previous sketch from the owner who already liked that design. The goal is to convey the idea of natural and ecologic.

I filmed here the printing process on wood of the shop sign.

I’m the first to say that shop signs must graphically harmonize with not only the type of business, but also with the building type/age/structure/material and so on. So in this case I wouldn’t have used wood on marble, if it weren’t a direct request from the client, (the shop is all wood and natural look) but still I think this wooden board gives a nice distinction in a street otherwise quite anonymous.

alone perruqueria



Ilaria Del Bono

Ilaria Del Bono Logo


I designed this logo for Italian up and coming fashion designer Ilaria Del Bono, who produces elegant, sophisticated and refined pieces. The logo sign interprets the initials of her name, but it also pretends to recall the taylor’s tool of the trade, since her dresses are unique pieces, handcrafted by Italian taylors.

Ilaria Del Bono


ilaria del bono business card


ilaria del bono


ilaria del bono


ilaria del bono


ilaria del bono


Official Tour Guide


Dolça is an official tour guide in Barcelona and this is her business card, based on one her a passion, the Portolan charts (ancient navigational maps).




Chourmo des Valadas

Chourmo des Valades, (Crew of the Valleys, in Occitan) is informal association of DJ’s and musicians form the valleys near Cuneo (Italy), and the imagery is based on a distorsion of a famous local dish, the vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce), here transformed in an sort of araldic symbol and illustrated as a mythical animal.



Chourmo des Valadas

Donatella Peinture Logo


Donatella Peinture Décoration. Logo design and previous proposals for a company of painters and decorators near Lyon, France. It had to recall some kind of prestigious yet no too sophisticated imagery more than a modern machine, since the founders of this company are members of the Compagnons du Tour De France, an ancient French organization of craftsmen and artisan (not related to the cyclist tour).



Piccola Orchestra Gagarin

Piccola Orchestra Gagarin

Piccola Orchestra Gagarin is a improvisation trio that melts the skills of three musicians of very different musical backgrounds who somehow found a way to squeeze improvisation, baroque, jazz and Sardinian folklore into a new musical adventure. Well equipped with sense of humor and down-to-earth attitude, P.O.G.  plays with cheap iconography from the 60’s space expeditions mixed with old school Barcelona’s favorite fish taverns. I added some spy-style fake reports and an additional external point of view of a tavern client at coffee time, as if they were the target of an American spy studying their dossier after dinner.


pog_1 pog_2 pog_3 pog_4


Photos: Nanni Angeli

Video: Xavi Coll

PICCOLA ORCHESTRA GAGARIN – Corsicanskaya from Xavier Coll Cinematographer on Vimeo.


Oriol Roca

Digital cover art for Catalan drummer Oriol Roca. In 2009 this amazing musician recorded a solo album using as a stage and source of improvisation a Bronze age monument, the Tomb of the Giants in Sardinia. I used a plain photograph of the monument and transferred it on a cork texture, a classic Sardinian craft material.

Rurals home page chimeneas


RURALS is a family business based in Andorra. They are stone cutters and they make these beautiful chimneys completely by hand, choosing carefully the stones from the origins and carefully and patiently carve it by hand to shape the pieces of the fireplace. The result is a severe, but warm and one-of-a-kind piece of furniture aimed to stand out in design houses and hotels. The logo is likely severe and minimalistic, it aims to imitate the simple but delicate and patient art of  hand stone cutting. Every piece looks like a chip of stone, a struck of chisel. And every piece is different from the other.

Rurals Chimeneas de Piedra




Photos: Gabriele Merolli

Styling: Natalie Romero