Piccola Orchestra Gagarin

Piccola Orchestra Gagarin

Piccola Orchestra Gagarin is a improvisation trio that melts the skills of three musicians of very different musical backgrounds who somehow found a way to squeeze improvisation, baroque, jazz and Sardinian folklore into a new musical adventure. Well equipped with sense of humor and down-to-earth attitude, P.O.G.  plays with cheap iconography from the 60’s space expeditions mixed with old school Barcelona’s favorite fish taverns. I added some spy-style fake reports and an additional external point of view of a tavern client at coffee time, as if they were the target of an American spy studying their dossier after dinner.


pog_1 pog_2 pog_3 pog_4


Photos: Nanni Angeli

Video: Xavi Coll

PICCOLA ORCHESTRA GAGARIN – Corsicanskaya from Xavier Coll Cinematographer on Vimeo.

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